Festo NPQP Polypropylene Push-Pull Pneumatic Fittings

Festo is introducing a new addition to its portfolio of push-pull fittings. The new metric NPQP fitting series is focused on the most popular fitting functions and offers resistance to aggressive media due to the polypropylene material utilized. In addition, this NPQP series provides an economic alternative to St. St. fittings.

Tubing connections feature sizes from 4 to 12 mm OD and threaded types feature 1/8 to ½ R threads.

Product Scope

  • 15 styles
  • Total of 99 types

When functionality and economics are important criteria in applications exposed to harsh cleaning detergents or in aggressive environments, the NPQP fitting series delivers a viable solution. These fittings are suitable to connect with flexible plastic tubing for a variety of pneumatic applications in such industries as food and beverage, packaging, bio-pharmaceutical, and process.


  • Polypropylene body, including threaded portion and releasing sleeve
  • St. tube gripping teeth
  • EPDM Sealing rings
  • Clean room packaged

Courtesy of Festo.

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