Feluwa double hose-diaphragm pump wins F&S award

Based on its recent analysis of diaphragm pumps in the mining industry, Frost & Sullivan (F&S) recognizes German pump manufacturer, Feluwa Pumpen GmbH, with the 2017 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Line Strategy Leadership. The quality of Feluwa’s diaphragm pumps underlines its engineering capability, adoption of best practices and commitment to providing best-in-class services to the global mining industry. Its Multisafe® double hose-diaphragm pump has established Feluwa as a market leader and the company constantly develops its brand by expanding its corporate identity across the globe, from the United States to Australia.

The key issues faced by traditional diaphragm manufacturers when handling highly viscous and semi-solid liquids include uneven fluid distribution, the settling of liquids at the bottom of the pump, and high wear and tear of the process equipment due to the pump’s parts coming in contact with the liquid. Feluwa resolves these challenges, as its redundant double hose-diaphragm system hermetically separates the fluid that is being conveyed from the hydraulic system from the moving parts of the pump. The fluid is allowed to flow through a linear pathway via the hose-diaphragm and comes in contact with just the inner hose-diaphragm and check valves. It is a unique oscillating displacement pumping system that is completely sealed, leak-proof, and has a double-sealed fluid chamber that shields it from the outside environment.

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