Fast Repair of Damaged Hose Fittings

An imperfection on the sealing surface of a fitting can cause it to leak. And what if it is a weld-in bung? In the past you would have to replace the fitting, a major headache, but now you can repair it on location. The Fitting Fixer from Koul Tools utilizes an inverted cone, diamond-dust coated lapping head to repair the conical surface and restore the seal with the flared tube.

Using this tool is simple. The damaged fitting screws into a guide that holds it in place. Next, the lapping head connects to a drill and spins it intermittently about a half dozen times. Inspection of the sealing surface must happen to see if there are any imperfections. If damage is still visible, the lapping process must be repeated until there is a clean surface.

Sizes correspond to tubing O.D.

  • Small Set: 3/16″ – 1/2″
  • Large Set: 5/8″ – 1″

Image credit: Koul Tools

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