Electric CNC Tube Bending Machines from J&S Machine

The YLM line of CNC electric tube benders from J&S Machine, Inc. combines the energy savings and quiet operation of electric servo control with advanced design features and software to provide a complete package for customers. The software features the teaching mode programming operation with precise positioning of all movements. The range of the product line includes 1″ to 6″ stainless steel, which makes these machines a favorite for the truck and automotive exhaust bending industry.

J&S Machine offers a full line of all-electric YLM CNC tube bending machines, ranging in capacity from 1/4″ to 6″ stainless steel tubes. Features include; Robot and work cell integration, push-roll bending, multi-radius bending, simultaneous movement of multiple axes, and 3D simulation of the bending process.

Image credit: J&S Machine, Inc.

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