Eaton redesigns couplings for high pressure mobility

Power management company Eaton recently announced the company’s redesigned FF-series Quick Disconnect Couplings to help mobile machine manufacturers meet market demand for high pressure and high impulse pressure solutions. Suitable for a wide variety of industries, applications include attachments for agricultural machinery, wheel loaders, excavators, bulldozers, commercial trailers, rail maintenance equipment and forestry equipment.

Eaton’s flat face, quick-disconnect couplings portfolio features an enhanced flow rate of up to 40 percent and a high performing pressure rate of up to 400 bar to maximize machine performance in the most demanding applications. The carbon steel products are also environmentally friendly and the Guardian Seal™ nickel-free plating solution offers outstanding corrosion resistance in tough environments for up to 1,000 hours.

The renewed flat faced quick-disconnect couplings help reduce pressure drops and decrease energy loss, resulting in lower fuel and energy consumption. High flow rates, even on smaller sizes, offer more design flexibility as smaller size hoses can be used. As well, Eaton’s new FF quick-disconnect couplings exceed ISO 16028 standards for working pressures by achieving 400 bar, for static, steady or non-pulsed applications, beyond the 250 bar standard.

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