Dow Launches Three New NORDEL™ EPDM Grades

The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) is introducing three new NORDEL™ EPDM products at this year’s International Elastomer Conference. The new grades help enable manufacturers to deliver durable, high-performance products that meet industry demands for improved lightweighting, safety and aesthetics.

“At Dow, we are continuing to expand our product offerings with the introduction of three NORDEL™ EPDM grades that offer new solutions for sealing systems, hoses and belts, using technology that allows for more sustainable and efficient production,” said Dirk Zinkweg, North America product director of NORDEL™ EPDM.

The NORDEL™ EPDM product portfolio is progressively expanding in 2018, with new tailored grades to meet customer and industry needs. The comprehensive roundup of products offers the widest range of ethylene content in the industry with diverse polymer properties including broad molecular weight distribution, with an extended molecular weight capability including ultra-high molecular weight, high to low polymer Mooney Viscosity, and oil-extension capability.

Used in automotive sealing systems, hoses, belts, sheet goods and a variety of other applications, the new NORDEL™ EPDM grades are high-quality, low-gel polymers that offer exceptional durability, increased filler loading, improved weatherability and better mixing performance.

The three new next generation NORDEL™ EPDM grades include:
• NORDEL™ 3765 XFL EPDM, an extra filler loading (XFL) grade ideal for automotive hoses, belts and sheeting goods

• NORDEL™ 4571 XFM EPDM, an extra fast mixing (XFM) grade ideal for automotive sealing systems, hoses and building profiles

• NORDEL™ 4771 XFL EPDM, an extra filler loading (XFL) grade ideal for automotive sealing systems, hoses and thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) applications


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