Dow introduces SILASTIC™ fluorosilicone rubber bases

Dow Performance Silicones, a global leader in elastomer innovation, expertise, service and support, has developed two new fluorosilicone rubber (FSR) bases to meet competing demands for handling performance, high-temperature resistance and fluid resistance.

SILASTIC™ LS-4940 Fluorosilicone Rubber Base and SILASTIC™ LS-4960 Fluorosilicone Rubber Base are specially designed for calendering and extrusion of turbocharger hoses. They also are suitable for other molded rubber parts that will be exposed to high temperatures and/or aggressive fluids or fuels.

“With their good balance of tensile, elongation and tear resistance; low compression set; good heat stability; and high fuel resistance, these new bases are excellent choices for harsh under-the-hood automotive applications,” said Gifford Shearer, Silicone Elastomers Market Manager for Dow Performance Silicones. “Plus, they exhibit reduced stickiness when unwrapping and mill handling, making them an excellent choice from a handling perspective as well.”

In mill-handling demonstrations, SILASTIC™ LS-4940 and LS-4960 FSR Bases exhibited less stickiness and better handling than a historic SILASTIC™ FSR base.

Image courtesy of The Dow Chemical Company

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