Dixon & Uniflex Offer New Integrated Solution

Users may be tired of looking for a spec on a crimping table when assembling a hose, doing their own measurement calculations, choosing the wrong ferrule or hitting the wrong crimping diameter, etc. Dixon and Uniflex engineers have been working together for the past few years on the integration of the whole Dixon crimp chart into the Uniflex C2 controller.

Uniflex and Dixon have announced that all Dixon users will be able to have a direct access to the complete range of Dixon couplings and crimp specs on the screen of their Uniflex crimper. No more hassle on calculating the measurements manually, it eliminates to possibility of choosing the wrong ferrule, the wrong die set or the wrong crimping diameter.

The C2 Controller of Uniflex with Integrated Dixon Crimp Specs gives the Dixon customers the ability to crimp any Dixon coupling with just a tap of a finger.

The endless memory and the setup of favorites allows users to keep their recipes and have a fast access whenever it’s needed.

Courtesy of Uniflex & Dixon.

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