DIESSE RUBBER HOSES: Making All the Difference

Competitive, dynamic and international: these are the words that best describe the context in which DIESSE operates, standing out as the only all-Italian manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic hoses. An excellence resulting from the experience and entrepreneurial skills of the three founders, still present and active within the Company, together with the second generation, including Giosiana and Heleanna de Stasio, Sales Manager and Head of the Technical & Product Development Office respectively. Hose + Coupling World had the pleasure of interviewing both.

By Ginevra Fossati, lbdi Communication

What Are the Main Factors Contributing to the Success of DIESSE Rubber Hoses?

“The secrets to our success are numerous. An active engagement with clients, a thorough knowledge of the market and a culture deeply rooted in excellence, reliability and overall quality are all essential values that were introduced by our family at the establishment of the company. Now these values represent to us, the second generation; the pillars of our corporate identity. They make up an important legacy which, paired with our efficient family organizational structure and the high-level executive skills of our staff, guarantee a full continuity in the management, while supporting the gradual evolution of the company towards a global dimension. Furthermore, our will to stay ‘independent’ within a sector characterized by a strong concentration of players has allowed us to stand out among competitors, providing the market with rapid response times and unequalled flexibility. In this sense, our ability to combine expertise and unique competences with a systematic activity of research and development of high-performing products allows us to promptly support clients, in both general and customized production requests.”

What Were the Drivers of Growth for DIESSE, Both in Italy and Around the World?

“Energy, innovative potential, open-mindedness and rigorous ethics: our growth is surely an expression of the vigorous passion that drives our in-house team every day. A responsible approach which mainly focused on clients, was always considered the heart of the company as well as its strategic asset. We think of it as a way of being, thinking and producing which helps us improve our processes to best meet the client’s needs, while rewarding their trust,” commented Giosiana de Stasio. “The company’s continuous growth is also the result of a cautious investment plan, paired with a commercial policy aimed at strengthening activities abroad.” Today, the company operates over a production area covering 750,000 square feet and is present in 42 countries, from North America, to Europe, through to Asia and Oceania, with a total export of 90% and the US as its largest market. A company always looking to the future with a view to strengthen its production capacity by 30%, DIESSE just completed the construction of a new 40,000 square feet plan and will soon build another 100,000 square feet facility with a total investment of roughly EU €12 million.

What are the Strategic Means to Compete at an International Level?

The competitive edge of DIESSE Rubber Hoses, which specializes in high added-value solutions, lies in its Only-Made-in-Italy design. The strong propensity for innovation and commitment to quality, which is typical of the Italian industry, provide the company with the ability to surpass the expectations of its customers. DIESSE has based its business development model on four strategic guidelines: voice of the customer, Research & Development (R&D), independence and flexibility. Firstly, the Company pays constant attention to the market, in order to promptly understand its evolution and respond to it with high-performing products. Secondly, it strongly believes in innovation as a key to competitiveness, which is why it reinvests around 8% of its annual turnover in R&D, for both products and processes. It is a constant commitment that combines the expertise of multidisciplinary teams with cutting-edge technologies and materials. Reinventing through R&D helps the company reach the strategic goal of transforming ideas into innovative products capable of satisfying the dynamic evolution of the market, while simultaneously creating new possible business scenarios. In addition to operating with its own means, the company retains direct control over the whole value chain, promoting a greater efficiency of business processes and a flexibility which becomes fundamental in reducing the time-to-market. As the market has a demand for increased quality and maximum speed, following a make or buy organizational strategy, DIESSE has decided to adopt a vertical integration strategy, with the aim to grow and retain the ‘know-how’ developed throughout the years. “There are several advantages to our integrated production process: the strict selection criteria for raw materials guarantees the compliance to high standards; the evaluation of their performance allows us to set targets for continuous improvement, fostering a reduction in lead-times; an optimization of operational margins; and a centralization of decision processes which become even faster.”

How is the Concept of ‘Quality’ Represented in DIESSE Rubber Hoses?

“At DIESSE the concept of quality has taken on a growing number of meanings and new business implications; beyond the traditional concept of conformity in terms of product features and intrinsic properties. Quality is conceived as part of a continuous, structured, intentional, and measurable growth process in a dynamic context. It is meant to encompass the whole company, in an integrated perspective, according to the Total Quality Management strategy. This organizational model is based on customer satisfaction and acts as a parameter for measuring and promoting results and performance. From a development point of view, each new product is designed and assessed with accurate tests that make it possible to combine technology and efficiency, allowing for the value of innovation to be actively experienced in everyday life. Furthermore, DIESSE Rubber Hoses maintains a constant focus on clients’ needs; it has a high-performance approach that eliminates waste and defects and perceives change as a tool can be used to generate value. Customer service is indeed an invisible asset for the company to use to identify and process signals coming from the market, in order to become increasingly flexible and fast. In this sense, the role of the factory’s management and human component becomes the keystone to implementing a continuous process that generates knowledge and innovation.”

What Are, in Summary, the Distinctive Elements of DIESSE?

High performance, great specialization, and customization. The exceptional quality of our product together with the customer service are the key features which distinguish DIESSE on the market. The added value of DIESSE lies in its ability to be continuously innovative and promote a synchronization of the design phase with the production processes. Furthermore, the in-house execution of all product manufacturing phases encourages experimenting and researching new technologies internally, thereby increasing the company’s know-how and the efficiency of its processes. “Product innovation has always been the main feature of the DIESSE philosophy,” explained Heleanna de Stasio. “The positioning of the company relies on the principle of dynamic efficiency. Following this principle, and thanks to its ‘know-how’, DIESSE Rubber Hoses has become an engine of change, performing a positive and proactive role with regard to demand. Each project represents a source of knowledge and technical solutions for the company, which feeds into its wealth of expertise. Thanks to them, subsequent problem-solving cycles for products can become more rapid.

“One of the main targets of DIESSE is to deliver customized solutions to its customers in order to meet any requirement. It aims to diversify the standard products according to the demand of a worldwide market. Anyone who relies on its competence represents a challenge for DIESSE to meet that demand and presents it with the opportunity for the company to design new solutions.”

A Certified ‘Quality’? What Type of Protection is in Place for Clients and Employees?

The numerous certifications achieved by DIESSE represent a valid recognition of its commitment to rigorously pursuing excellence in quality. The company strives to guarantee the highest level of customer protection and of security and health for its employees. Among these, important mentions include: the new ISO 45001, the first international standard created to protect employees and visitors from work-related accidents and illnesses; the 231 Organizational Model, introduced by Legislative Decree No 231/01, governing the liability of companies for crimes committed by directors, managers, employees, partners or collaborators; and the ISO 14001, certifying our environmental management system.

“Furthermore, the Quality System of DIESSE Rubber Hoses is certified by DNV UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. It obtained approvals of hose and assemblies by American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, MSHA (Mine Safety and Healt Administration) and US Department of Transportation. DIESSE is also certified by the European Union Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU,” commented Giosiana de Stasio. “We are very proud of the results we have achieved so far. Supported by the values that our company was able to convey throughout the years, we have a positive attitude towards future challenges, as we are aware that other important goals await us. We would also like to thank our customers for their ongoing trust, hoping they will continue to be key players to our success, and be part of our history.”

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