Delivering Dairy with a Milk Hose from Continental

Quality hoses are crucial in every industry. Why? Because nobody wants to work with a potentially hazardous hose that could pose dangers on the job if something goes wrong. The cost of replacing hoses could add up quickly if a company uses several of them, and those several hoses keep breaking due to low quality issues.

A milk hose, in particular, should be of good quality because if it is not, customers may be left with odorous milk or milk that had an ‘off’ taste – not because it is old, was not properly refrigerated, or because the milk came from ‘bad’ cows, but because you used a poor-quality milk hose. The hose you use can make all the difference in the flavor, smell, and overall quality of your milk.

If you want the best farm fresh quality for your customers as possible, then make sure your next milk hose is from Continental. Continental milk hoses are plasticizer-free and offer a smooth interior to ensure the easy and speedy flow of milk to guarantee the best taste, scent, and freshness of your milk.

Image credit: Continental

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