Danfoss Power Solutions Unifies Quick-Disconnect Couplings Under Danfoss Hansen Brand

Danfoss Power Solutions, a leading global supplier of mobile and industrial hydraulics as well as electric powertrain systems, will combine its Danfoss Gromelle and Aeroquip by Danfoss quick-disconnect couplings under the Danfoss Hansen brand. With its extended Danfoss Hansen product portfolio, the company can now provide more than 6,000 configurations to match the requirements of almost any customer application.

The design of Danfoss Hansen quick-disconnect couplings enables higher flow rates with an optimized flow path, reducing pressure drops and increasing overall system efficiency. These characteristics decrease component wear and tear, lower application energy consumption, and reduce system space and weight, all of which can cut fuel consumption and total cost of ownership. Furthermore, Dura-Kote plating is standard on most Danfoss Hansen quick-disconnect couplings, which guards against red rust for up to 1,000 hours, extending product lifespan and reducing maintenance needs.

“Danfoss Hansen quick-disconnect couplings are recognized for their high performance and robust engineering, supporting leak-free operations,” said Christian Kuenstel, global product management leader, Connectors, Danfoss Power Solutions. “Our refreshed Danfoss Hansen brand recalls this long heritage of application success across a multitude of markets. Simultaneously, it marks the start of a new phase in engineering the hydraulic, pneumatic, and fluid-transfer applications of tomorrow.”

Available in a wide variety of materials and sizes, along with optimized sealing solutions, the couplings can be easily customized based on the performance and cost requirements of specific applications.

“Customers often don’t know which quick-disconnect coupling to specify because there are so many on the market,” Kuenstel added. “Unifying our quick-disconnect couplings under a single brand makes it simpler for design engineers to find or create the optimal solution for their particular needs.”

Courtesy of Danfoss.

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