CPC-Cryolab Releases Stainless Steel Coupling

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CPC-Cryolab, a Circor International brand, has announced the launch of their Uniseal Cryogenic Stainless-Steel Pipe Coupling for the industrial gas, cryogenic, and space industries. Featuring a Spiral-Wound gasket instead of a ground joint finish, the coupling virtually eliminates leaks caused by poor mating surfaces. This coupling reduces downtime and increases the speed of recovery. It is ideal for applications where valves, regulators, and the like require routine or frequent maintenance.

Forged of ASME/ASTM SA-182-F316L stainless steel, the Uniseal Cryogenic Stainless-Steel Pipe Coupling’s assembly is equal to MSS-SP-83 for pipe unions: socket weld or threaded ends with an easily replaceable Spiral-Wound gasket, which provides a leak-tight joint and seal. The easy-to-install Uniseal Cryogenic Stainless-Steel Pipe Coupling with interchangeable components is now available in 1/2” thru 2” pipe sizes.

The Stainless-Steel Coupling allows for leak-tight sealing, with pressures up to 2,430 psig, and a temperature range as low as -325°F (-198°C), for warm gases and liquids, and atmospheric cryogenic elements as low as liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and LNG temperatures.

Image credit: CPC-Cryolab