Coxreels Offers New Swivel Options

Coxreels recently made a product enhancement to their spring-driven 1¼ and 1½ in. SLPL models. Prior to this update, these models came standard with Coxreels’ aluminum inline swivel. Optional on all of these models was the outsourced 90° swivel. For customers needing a stainless steel fluid path, the outsourced 90° stainless steel swivel was the only option.

Coxreels eliminated the aluminum inline swivel on five SLPL models (725, 750, 825, 835, and 850) and incorporated a nickel-plated steel inline swivel (from the 1185-Series). This swivel increases the pressure rating of the inline plumbing from 250 to 1,500 psi. The new swivel includes Coxreels multi-lobe seals for much improved leak integrity.

The new inline swivel is also available in stainless steel, which gives customers a choice with their stainless steel fluid path requirements. The stainless steel inline swivel fluid path is considerably more cost-effective than the 90° swivel stainless steel fluid path.

Image credit: Coxreels

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