Cooper Standard will supply Fortrex technology to Ford

Leading automotive supplier of systems and components, Cooper Standard Holding Inc., will supply the 2020 Ford Explorer with sealings and fluid transfer systems which includes the lightweight elastomeric material, Fortrex.

“We take great pride in supporting Ford Motor Co. with its 2020 Ford Explorer launch,” said Patrick Clark, senior vice president and chief global engineering and product strategy officer for Cooper Standard. He further stated, “We have an outstanding global team of employees that are committed to serving our customers and creating value with products and technologies that enhance performance and address today’s automotive trends.” The company will also provide hose assemblies, including e-motor and battery cooling, and transmission oil cooler hose assemblies.

Fortrex is an award-winning lightweight technology that offers higher performance advantages over EPDM synthetic rubber and thermoset plastics in terms of weight reduction, weathering, durability and sound characteristics. Fortrex can take various forms, including dense extrusions, foams and films, and can be used in both automotive and non-automotive applications.

Image Courtesy of Cooper Standard

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