Convoluted Technologies’ CT-REJ Rubber Expansion Joints

Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd stock and distribute a comprehensive range of CT-REJ rubber expansion joints for the use in many tough, demanding industrial applications such as drinking water, chilled water, cooling water, irrigation, condenser water applications, fire systems, power generation, process plants, HVAC heating and ventilating systems, marine services, off-shore installations, and chemical / petrochemical plants. Rubber expansion joins are an effective solution against the transfer of noise, vibrations and water hammer in pipework, near pumps, compressors, valves, fans and similar pulsating equipment.

Due to the non-conductive nature of rubber, a rubber expansion joint could be installed to eliminate electrolyses problems in piping systems. Our rubber expansion joints are designed and built to the specifications guidelines outlined in the Fluid Sealing Association Technical Handbook Non-Metallic Expansion Joints and Flexible Pipe Connections.

Image credit: Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd

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