Continental spruces up its Fairlawn, Ohio offices

Mulch, or finely chopped wood chips, is being spread on flower gardens at Continental’s Fairlawn, Ohio, offices using Conti’s Mulch Blower hose manufactured at the company’s brand new state-of-the-art PVC hose (polyvinyl chloride) plant in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

Horticulturists say that mulching improves nutrient and water retention in the soil, and also helps to retain moisture, prevent soil erosion, control weeds as well as adding nutrients to the soil. Mulch blowing is becoming more popular in the marketplace and has dropped in the residential market to a more affordable price for the homeowner.  

Conti’s Mulch Blower Hose is sold through distribution to vehicles similar to this as well as in the aftermarket for replacement hoses.

Image courtesy of Continental. 

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