Continental Launches New Eco-Friendly Hose

The technology company Continental has introduced a new eco-friendly garden hose called EcoRubber that uses sugar cane ethylene, rather than petroleum-based products, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 85%. It is the first plant-based polymer hose in the world.

“Continental is paving the way of a circular economy by consistently evaluating renewable oils and reclaimed or recycled material. This also helps to reduce emissions and waste significantly,” said Andreas Gerstenberger, heading Continental’s business unit Industrial Fluid Solutions.

Continental’s EcoRubber uses renewable polymers from sugar cane for 70% of its mass. The goal is to use 95% renewable materials. “The production of the ethanol from sugar cane for this polymer is up to 4 tons CO2 more climate friendly per ton of polymer than petrochemical based ethanol. We strive to actively shape a sustainable future with our products and operations. The EcoRubber garden hose is one step in this direction,” added Gerstenberger.

The new EcoRubber garden hose was designed in Fairlawn, Ohio and produced in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. The hose comes in a standard 50-foot length with 5/8-inch diameter and is available through the customary Continental distribution chain.

Courtesy of Continental.

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