Continental Introduces Lightweight, Eco-friendly Hose

Continental has introduced a new eco-friendly EcoLite TPV garden hose that uses recycled materials in its construction, making it 50% lighter than traditional water hoses. The hose comes in a standard 50-foot length with 5/8-inch diameter and is available through the customary Continental distribution chain. Continental’s EcoLite TPV hose uses recycled materials with its quest to use 95% renewable resources. The hose was designed in Fairlawn, Ohio, and produced in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

Andreas Gerstenberger, Continental’s business unit Industrial Fluid Solutions, said: “With this hose and all of our products today and tomorrow, Continental is fully committed to the Paris climate agreement, and as such, have set ourselves the target of becoming completely carbon-neutral in our operational processes and value chains by 2050.”

Courtesy of Continental.

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