Colorado PIRTEK Updates to Brick-And-Mortar Location

Rick Ramus’ PIRTEK NoCo opened in December 2016 under the company’s Tier 2 program. This option allows franchisees to lease two vehicles and keep inventory in a storage facility. The Tier 2 model allows for PIRTEK ownership at a significantly lower point of entry than the traditional Tier 1 model, which includes a Service & Supply Center along with the Mobile Service Vehicles. Ramus’ mobile service franchise is now making the transition to a full brick-and-mortar Service & Supply Center.

The new storefront is located at 4691 Concorde Ave. Suite 2, Johnstown, Colorado 80534. According to Ramus, he chose this location because of its close proximity to highway I-25, which provides access to surrounding cities, as well as an abundance of roadwork & construction projects for the area’s growing infrastructure. This will allow Rick and his team to provide fast service to all of their customers.

Rick sees the grand opening of his storefront as an additional way to connect with customers. It will be a place to provide over the counter service for custom-built high-pressure hose assemblies and a comprehensive range of industrial products for those clients who don’t necessarily require a full on-site service call.

His team will also continue to maintain their strong mobile service capabilities that their customers have come to rely on. “I like that the mobile service doesn’t tie you down to one location,” says Rick. He goes on to explain that he likes the business-to-business aspect of PIRTEK’s operations, while also having the opportunity to support individuals across a wide range of industries.

Rick says that the best part about being a part of the PIRTEK USA team is that he receives a steady stream of IT, technical & networking support, inventory & stocking assistance, as well as any other help he may need. The guidance from PIRTEK USA is just one factor that has helped him to create a thriving business – Rick says another very important ingredient is his team.

Courtesy of PIRTEK.

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