Chinese tire cord company opens operations in Europe

Chinese tire cord company Jiangsu Xingda Steel Tyre Cord Co., has extended their operation to enter the European Market.

Xingda Europe began operations in Europe on Dec. 18, and will offer its services to the rubber and tire services in the region. The company said that as part of its “internationalization” policy, it intends to strengthen its relationships with European stakeholders, organizations, and governments.

The company’s General Manager, Liu Xiang, said “The establishment of Xingda Europe will certainly our presence in the whole European markets”.

Located in the Jiangsu Province of China, Xingda Steel Tyre Cord supplies products related to steel cord, bead wire, hose wire and sawing wire. The company at present has more than 7,000 employees and a domestic market share of 27%, and international market share of 18%.

The company provides technical services to more than 200 customers in more than 30 countries across the globe.

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