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Couplings & Fittings

In this section you will find news related to manufacturers and suppliers of industrial and hydraulic hose couplings & fittings. The content will cover ongoing projects, product launches, product updates, and technical articles.

IKER Quick Connect Couplings Now Available Worldwide

Iker, a leading manufacturer of quick connect couplings has announced that its products are now available in worldwide.

Banjo Fittings Deserve More Attention for MRO and Aftermarket

Banjo fittings are comprised of multiple assembled components to achieve a compact 90° connection in hydraulic and conveyance applications.

Sphere Lock™ Ball and Socket Couplings

The type “B” connection in the Sphere Lock™ consists of a male ball coupling, a female socket coupling, and either a locking lever ring (2" through 8") or locking ring (10" and 12"), which fits over the male ball coupling’s shank.

Hose Cleanliness: Mitigating the Risk of Contamination

How can hose cleanliness be described? The 'textbook’ answer suggests that hose cleanliness is the analytical and statistical measure of the solid particle contamination present in a sample hose assembly or its individual components. It is typically given in a certain tolerance allowed per size or count.

PT Coupling Appoints Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Brent J. Lilly, who previously served as PT Coupling’s Director of Sales & Marketing, has been appointed Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Brent started with PT in 2020 and continues to develop the restructuring and modernization of PT’s sales and marketing departments.

Four Wire Spiral Ultra Flexible Hose SLIDER Cover

The C6000S ISOBARIC – Four Wire Spiral 6100 psi Ultra Flexible Hose is recommended for uses who have a very compact environment. The ultra flexiblility and small bend radius provides easy installation. Extremely high pressure hydraulic oil lines. Constant pressure (Isobaric) 420 bar / 6100 psi in all sizes.

Kuriyama’s Full Flow Swivel Couplings

Kuriyama has introduced its new Full Flow Swivel Couplings for use in mulch, bark wood chip and other lawn surfacing applications. Features of the new couplings include a full flow interior, which prevents material build-up due to the absence of an interior hose shank.

Rexnord Releases New Composite Long Span Coupling

The new Thomas XTSRLS-C long span coupling from Rexnord features a lightweight composite spacer, making it an ideal solution for connecting rotating equipment with relatively long distances between shafts. The composite spacer is an alternative to commonly used steel spacers, which are heavy.

RYCO’s T5000D ISOBARIC 5100 psi Compact Hose

The RYCO Hydraulics T5000D ISOBARIC – Two Wire Braid 5100 psi Compact Hose DIEHARD™ Cover is recommended for very high pressure hydraulic oil lines. Constant pressure (Isobaric) 350 bar / 5100 psi in all sizes. Small bend radius and compact dimensions are advantages in installations.

Couplings from Ryco

RYCO manufactures hose couplings in many different styles and sizes, with a wide range of thread and connection types to meet global demand and industry specifications. When the hose for an application has been selected, it is crucial that the couplings to be fitted are designed specifically for that hose.

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