Brownie’s Marine Group’s E-Reel

Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc., a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of hi-tech diving solutions, is proud to be featured as a key component of Scout Boats’ all new video marketing promotion. Scout’s high-tech, state of the art, feature-rich designs can be equipped with Brownie’s BIAS (Boat Integrated Air System) and E-Reel hose management systems direct from the factory or at the local dealer level, adding a 2, 3, or 4 person tank-less diving dimension to a line of vessels already turning heads and redefining the approach to aquatic adventures.

The “E-Reel” Hose System features a level winding 150-ft main hose recovery system that quick connects to Brownie’s proprietary “Peleton Hose System” for 2, 3, or 4 divers, making deployment and storage a breeze through a customized hawse fitting equipped with hose guide and rewind switch/circuit protection. Whether you’re diving for recreation, dinner or for prop and hull maintenance, customers can rest assured that Brownie’s has them covered.

Robert Carmichael, Brownie’s CEO stated, “We are very honored to be featured as part of the new Scout Boats promotional video and web site as it demonstrates the perfect match between great quality boats and our phenomenal boat integrated dive systems.”

Image credit: Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc.

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