BFPA Stresses Importance of Approved Hose Assemblies

As the UK’s fluid power trade association launches its ‘Choose Q for Quality’ campaign, highlighting BFPA Approved Quality Members, Nigel Thomason, British Fluid Power Association Distributor Chairman, warns against hose re-ending across the industry.

“The pandemic has us all under extra strain and I know that many company owners or workers across industry will be looking for ways to save money – but let me tell you now, re-ending hoses to save a few pounds is not the answer,” comments Thomason. “That’s why we’ve launched our latest campaign. We want to make sure that when you have a hose replaced, it’s done by one of our Quality Approved Suppliers who categorically will refuse to re-end hose.”

The BFPA Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme and the associated Q ‘Quality’ Logo sets practice guidelines for hose manufacturing, distribution and fitting. Members who sell and fit hoses in the scheme must meet strict criteria to carry the Q Mark, a sign of guaranteed quality, and to never practice hose re-ending.

The BFPA is highlighting its campaign again now as COVID restrictions are placing the industry under much greater financial pressure, to caution against the temptation to re-end rather than use a Q Scheme approved supplier.

Company owners should check that their current and future suppliers are a member of the scheme, which is now easier to do through the updated Hydraulic Hose Safety website (, which has an added ‘Find A Supplier’ section.

Posters, counter display units and information cards are being provided for all scheme members to help reinforce the message: ‘Do not re-end hose’ with end users who still consider opting for this dangerous practice.

Courtesy of British Fluid Power Association.

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