Beswick’s Blind-Mate, High Flow Quick Disconnect

The QDE3NL non-latching/blind-mate quick disconnect from Beswick Engineering Co., Inc., is ideal for use in cooling systems (such as are common in process, semiconductor, instrumentation, and aerospace industries) for quick serviceability. Disconnection and connection is accomplished without the need to manually move a releasing sleeve to initiate the disconnection and connection and therefore the quick disconnect can be positioned in inaccessible locations.

The dry break design feature minimizes dead volume (the space between the internal and external ends when connected) to essentially eliminate any leakage when disconnecting and connecting. Machined with M8 external threads, this fitting allows for a substantial amount of flow (0.180 inch- effective orifice) while maintaining a small envelope 9/16 inch hexagonal body.

The dry-break design prevents leakage and fluid spray during connection and disconnection. Leak-free operation is often critical in cooling system applications. Flow through the quick disconnect occurs when the QDE3NL is connected to a QDI3NL.

Image credit: Beswick Engineering Co., Inc.

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