Bellville Tube Company Reinstated

Bellville Tube Company (BTC), a manufacturer of high-quality steel tubulars for the commercial construction, industrial, and oil and gas industries, has been reinstated by a US-based investment group that will remain private until finalized. The new ownership expects to have production commence in the third quarter of 2019, and at full capacity and providing up to 100 manufacturing jobs in 2020.
The new purchase includes all land and production equipment in the Bellville, TX, facility. The undisclosed value private sale completed on December 31, 2018 following a planned due diligence program. The Program allowed Bellville Tube Corporation to be reinstated to its previous widely known status as a Texas corporation in February of 2019 after completion of traditional procedural documentation.

The company’s newly acquired production facility is located on approximately 80 acres, 50 miles west of Houston, TX near Bellville. It features hot rolled steel slitting capabilities and carbon steel tubular manufacturing, projected to expand into production of 130,000 tons annually, as well as full body normalization capabilities. Investment has been made in additional equipment and installation is currently in process to more than double production finishing capabilities.

Additional infrastructure improvements have already commenced dramatically improving logistical services via truck and railway via dual on-site rail spur access, giving key access to all North American markets. According to ownership, the facility is located strategically to serve the construction and Industrial tubular marketplaces, as well as the world’s largest oilfield plays of the Permian and Eagle Ford; with premier rail access to the Northern United States and Western Canadian oil and gas producing regions. BTC is very excited to be well positioned to meet the growing demand for high-quality steel tubular products in North America and the World.

The entire site is well suited for future facility expansion and well suited to take advantage of stronger surging oil and gas markets as well as upcoming significant planned infrastructure investment that will diversify the product range and increase overall capacity to ensure longevity and maximize production capacity while reducing production costs.

Bellville Tubular’s production facility had already benefited from several key capital investments made in 2013 from the previous owners. They included a Thermatool Corp 600 Kilowatt High Frequency Induction Welder with HAZ control, 4 channel Inspectech inline ultrasonic inspection mechanical and electronics station, and a 250 Horsepower Garner Denver plantwide compressor.


Image Credit: Bellville Tube Company 

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