Bearing International to supply ContiTech belts

After a discussion and visit with the ContiTech Power Transmission group to discuss local distribution, Bearing International will add ContiTech to its list of premium brands. ContiTech Power Transmission Group produces matched components, complete belt-drive systems and drive belts. They produce for OEMs and the aftermarket.

The products are produced with the goal to reduce and minimize vibration and belt whip. To prevent rollover and reduce vibration, joined or banded construction comes into to play. Groove mismatch and belt turnover problems are common on drives with a combination of long belt spans and/or pulsating loads. By reducing and eliminating these problems, productivity is increased.

Karl Weindinger, General Manager: Sales for Western Europe and Africa said, “As a global belt manufacturer, we rely on key partners to import and distribute our products. We are excited at the prospect of strengthening our cooperation with the BI family, which is predicated on representing some of the top brands and products globally.”

Weindinger also added, “It is early days yet, but we are very excited at the potential synergy that stands to be unlocked by our collaboration.” BI Customer Offer Marketing Manager Victor Strobel said,“The main features of ContiTech’s products are their lifetime and guaranteed performance, in addition to the lowest total cost of ownership. This is increasingly important to our industrial clients, where costly downtime can be minimised by using quality products.”

Image Courtesy of Bearing International 

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