From the archive: High purity hose in biopharmaceuticals (1 of 3)

Flexible connections between piping connections, in the form of pressure rated hose assemblies, are common elements in organic and protein processing utilities in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Pressure rated hose assemblies are typically installed around reactor vessels, bioreactors and other equipment placed on load cells. Specific applications are also found in chromatography, de-ionized and reverse osmosis water purification systems, as well as modular filtration systems. Generally, these hoses are used to make connections between two processes where rigid piping is not practical.

Hose + Coupling World published this three-part series, which describes important risk factors that system designers should take into account when specifying pressure rated hose assemblies in biopharmaceutical applications, February–June 2017. The first installment specifically examines drainability and the related concepts of wetting angle and media affinity, interior smoothness and force to bend.

Missed it the first time? We’re giving you a second chance to read part one of the series by David Yanik, Product Development & Engineering Manager, Resistoflex (a business of Crane Co.) and Jeffrey H. Weingartner, OEM Account Manager, A.W. Chesterton:

For parts two and three, please contact the Editor.

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