AN EVENT TO REMEMBER! IDCO Expo 2023: A Huge Success


The Industrial Distributors Co-op, also known as IDCO, has been a leading co-op for independent distributors of hoses, fittings, gaskets, and more, since 1993. This year, its annual event, IDCO Expo 2023, was held at the Downtown Marriott in Louisville, Kentucky. The event gave attendees the opportunity to meet and network with current and new partners over the course of three days. Hose suppliers and distributors participated in various meetings, social gatherings, and industry-focused events to build and form new partnerships that can grow their businesses in 2023.

By KCI Editorial

After 25 years in business, IDCO has proven that the co-op structure works. By bringing together industry experts from around the country, the co-op provides a unique space for individuals to work together to improve purchasing power and create a competitive advantage for all parties involved. This year’s IDCO Expo, which took place from February 13th to the 15th, continued the three-decade-long tradition of establishing a safe place for industry experts to discuss business issues and gain exposure to the latest technologies.

ARG Industrial receives member of the Year award.

These meetings were 20 minutes long and took place over the next two days.

Later that day, guests participated in the presentation, “Making Mobile
Work: Proven Strategies to Transfer Your Business,” by Pierre Barbeau, Co-Founder and CEO of Moblico. This was followed by an excellent lunch sponsored by Flexaust and two more sessions of one-on-one meetings.

The final day began with a delicious breakfast sponsored by Dixon Valve & Coupling. After the meal, IDCO members took part in a presentation by WarehouseTWO entitled, “The New IDCO Community for Inventory Sharing & CareerPlug: Automate Your Hiring.” At the same time, suppliers attended a presentation featuring a panel of IDCO members and suppliers who discussed the importance of Product Information Management (PIM) and how it helped transform their businesses.

“IDCO Expo 2023 was another fantastic opportunity for the membership and endorsed suppliers to demonstrate new technologies and exchange best practices in our industry. Attendance continues to climb, making the three day event ever more productive. The format allows plenty of time for both individual meetings and larger group discussions.” Rob Cifaldi, Vice President, Industrial Group, Ideal Tridon Group (2023 Show Sponsor).

Exciting Agenda

Guests arrived on Monday afternoon for registration and participated in the opening event later that evening which was hosted by Kuriyama of America. The Derby-themed reception and dinner featured a full bar, live music, and a wonderful atmosphere for conversation and relaxation.

The following day, February 14th, started off with a breakfast sponsored by Flexaust, and was followed by the first session of one-on-one meetings between members and suppliers. The meetings were arranged from lists provided by the suppliers, where they submitted their preferences and were then paired corresponding members.


The Bob Lyons Supplier of the
Year Award was presented to
Brennan Industries.

Outstanding Supplier award
winners included Dixon Valve
& Coupling, Proco Products,
and Stucchi.

The Dixon LeGros Member of
the Year Award was presented
to ARG Industrial.

Outstanding Member award
winners included Aztec
Machine and Repair, Hose
and Rubber Supply, Munro
Supply, and TCH Industries

Memorable Experiences

The beauty of the IDCO Expo is its ability to provide great business opportunities alongside fun, relationship-building activities. During the second evening, guests attended a reception and dinner in the Kentucky Ballroom sponsored by Brennan Industries. The night included tailgating games, cocktails, and conversation, allowing the guests to relax and enjoy themselves at the event.

The final day of the event showcased the tabletop tradeshow. Attendees were given the chance to meet with a supplier or member that was not part of their predetermined schedule so they could continue to grow their networks.

The event concluded with a fantastic reception and awards dinner in the Marriott Ballroom, where the recipients for IDCO Member and Supplier of the Year were announced. Guests were able to relax, socialize, and indulge at the open bar sponsored by Midland Industries, as they enjoyed the last
night of the event together.

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