Altaflo’s Custom Plastic Tubing

Altaflo produces custom plastic tubing from fluoropolymer or fluoroplastic resins to meet every customer’s requirements.

ALTAPAK™: For applications requiring the highest purity levels, Altaflo offers their exclusive ALTAPAK option. ALTAPAK provides surfactant cleaning, DI rinse & nitrogen purge all performed within a class 100 clean-room environment. This process is typically performed on High Purity PFA tubing or pipe but can be performed on other fluoropolymer products.

Coiled Hoses: All Altaflo products are available in coiled configurations. The company will manufacture to any specifications.

Precision Cutting: Altaflo is pleased to offer precision cutting services on product under 1″. The company uses high speed rotary cutting equipment, designed for use with fluoropolymer materials, to insure straight, smooth, consistent cuts.

Custom Assembly: They offer many custom assembly related services including heat forming, flaring, slitting and sub-assembly packaging.

Custom Packaging: Products can be produced in a variety of length and packaging options.

Image credit: Altaflo

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