A trend towards passive safety in the hose industry

LifeGuard Technologies presented an important paper entitled The Need to Engineer Passive Device Technology to Minimize Human Interaction in the Safety Process at the recent Hose + Coupling World Americas Conference and Expo held at the George R. Brown Conference Center in Houston, Texas. Andy Abrams, LifeGuard Technologies’ Executive Vice President presented this paper and concluded during his discussion that a global trend towards passive safety – both mandatory and voluntary – is sweeping across the industry. He explained during his talk that it has started with the most dangerous applications and he presented the proposition that offering only conventional hose solutions will be limiting for customers.

The conference itself united the hose industry leaders from not only the USA but also worldwide. During Abrams’ session emerging technologies as well as new products and services were presented.

Andy commented, “We were gratified to be able to present what we believe is a growing trend for the hose and coupling industry – namely the increased opportunity through the sale of safety based technology.”

Picture caption: Andy Abrams presenting at the recent Hose + Coupling World Americas Conference and Expo.

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