A Manufacturer’s Perspective: An Interview with Jeffrey Schad

The future of distribution, manufacturing and the impact on products and end users is unknown. Many in the industry have voiced concerns over how large players will move forward from the current challenges experienced by the hose sector as a result of the ongoing pandemic and global crises. Hose + Coupling World had the privilege of speaking with Jeffrey Schad, CEO of Snap-tite Hose, to discuss his outlook on the future of hose manufacturing.

Jeffrey Schad, Chief Executive Officer of the manufacturing company Snap-tite Hose, has had a wide variety of experience in the hose industry. His pervious role as Chief Financial Officer provided him with a unique perspective on the dynamic workings of the industrial supply chain, which he has carried into his current position. “It has been a very interesting time to be a CEO, to say the least,” explained Schad. “The pandemic, and more recently, the ongoing crises around the world, has had a significant impact on most manufacturers and brought to light how fragile the supply chain really is.”

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