A Compact Hose Crimper from UNIFLEX

UNIFLEX is a reliable supplier of unique, greaseless crimpers for hydraulic and industrial hoses. A special model is the HM 400 which, due to its huge opening travel of 130 mm, enables insertion and crimping of hoses with a 6” ANSI 150 flange – while featuring an innovative, narrow and yet robust design (with integrated hydraulic aggregate and proven Control C control). The HM 400 is setting standards for quality, economic efficiency and ergonomic operations.

The HM 400 is a production crimper that combines all the properties expected from this machine category in a surprising manner. The optimized hydraulic system only requires a 5.5 kW drive (7.37 PS) and thus helps to save electricity and, as a result, operating costs as well. And because the HM 400 no greasing, the machine remains largely clean and offers a substantially longer service life than other crimpers with greasing.

The master crimping dies have a length of 150 mm (5.99”). With a crimp force of 3750 kN (375 tons) and an opening of +130 mm (5.11”), a 6” flange ANSI 150 can be inserted and crimped without removing the crimping dies. The maximum crimp range is approximately 190 mm (7.48”).

Quick-change crimping dies reduce the setting time and increase productivity, also thanks to the fixed 6 o’clock die and the Control C2 control provided as standard. All in all, the HM 400 with its high level of ergonomic features and reliability is offering maximum performance and quality.

Courtesy of UNIFLEX.

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