5 Ways to Lengthen Your Hydraulic Hose Lifespan

Hydraulic hose should typically last up to 5 years. If yours is failing in less time, then there may be external factors shortening their lifespan. Here are 5 helpful tips on how to lengthen your hose lifespan.

Ensure the hose is not pulled too tight and that there a no kinks/knots – this is usually due to poor installation, and can cause structural weakness but can be easily avoided if fitted correctly.

Abrasion – physical external damage is the most common cause of hose failure. Ensuring the hoses are not rubbing against each other or surrounding surfaces will help increase its lifespan.

Protection – adding a hose guard, hose cover, hose sleeve or hose shield can prove beneficial to protecting the hydraulic hose from abrasion, flames and movement. Our hose protection equipment is designed to provide reliability and long-lasting protection for not only the hose but also for operatives as hose sleeves hold the energy of any potential bursts.

Never re-end hose – rending hoses is a very dangerous practice and can be fatal.

Maintenance – Managing several products can be straining when it comes to maintenance, but it is a vital process which needs to be carried out. Luckily for our customers, BSP use Parker Tracking System (PTS) to tag all our hydraulic hose, so you and your team will no longer waste time finding parts when it comes to the time of replacing your hose. Regardless of where the original product was created, PTS is the quickest way to access your components service history.

Courtesy of BSP Hydraulics Ltd.

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